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                                                    Antiscale Dispersant for RO Membrane XT-191


                                                      XT-191 is one of the most popular antiscalants for RO membrane systems, it is widely used as antiscale and anti-choking agent in brakish water desalination, high-salt water and drinking water treatment. XT-191 has the following properties and advantages:

                                                      1.  Used in many water quality systems, high scale inhibition ability.

                                                      2.  Lower scale deposit and reduce RO pipeline cleaning frequency.

                                                      3.  Reduce or replace the acid fill treatment.

                                                      4.  Better economic effect.

                                                      5.  Suitable for all types of RO pipelines, also being used as an effective ferrium insulator.

                                                      6.  More stable and effective than calgon(SHMP).

                                                      7.  Allowing high water flux density for RO pipeline.

                                                        8. Best antiscalant for different types of and different degree materials.





                                                      Light yellow transparent liquid

                                                      pH Value, (1% water solution)


                                                      Density (20℃) g/cm3



                                                      Mix well in any ratio with water

                                                      Package and Storage:

                                                      25/250kg drum, IBC, or confirmed by clients. It can be stored for one years.

                                                      Using Method:

                                                      For best effects, XT-191 should be added before static mixer or cylindric filter, the dosage of 1-4mg/L

                                                      is preferred, it can be diluted by RO liquids or by deionized water.

                                                      Notes: Extra or insufficient dosage will do harm to the RO membrane.

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