Greater Marion Area Chamber of Commerce
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Why Should I be a member?
Meet Fellow Business Professionals (Click here for complete member list).
Members of the Greater Marion Area Chamber of Commerce (GMACC) have the opportunity to meet and exchange with other local business professionals, particularly from outside their own sector. The Chamber of Commerce offers unrivalled access to local business people through our mixers, seminars, dinners and other events. From one-adobe_readerperson companies to senior figures in the area’s largest businesses, you can meet them all through GMACC.
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Develop Your Contacts
Meet potential customers and business partners and tap into valuable support and advice by joining fellow business professionals at GMACC events.

Make Your Voice Heard
GMACC is an independent voice of local business. Our influence on local and regional authorities keeps the interests of businesses in the uppermost minds of decision makers.

Information You Can Trust
The Chamber of Commerce is your company’s information service. Members can access accurate information about services from the community. Get the latest and most up-to-date information about your community from GMACC.

The Recognition You Deserve
Chamber of Commerce Membership demonstrates that your company is an established business and a dependable part of the local community.

Help Your Business Grow
There is no doubt that contacts made within GMACC will lead to business development opportunities.
When you associate your business with one of the Chamber of Commerce’s activities, you create awareness and privileged opportunities for your company.

Exclusive Advertising
Membership of the GMACC give you access to an array of valuable advertising options not available to the general business advertiser. As a member, you have the opportunity to position your message alongside the Chamber of Commerce on events and publications. You also get member offers through sponsorships and business partnerships.

Training sessions and educational conferences are held throughout the year. As a GMACC member, you get to take advantage of these great educational opportunities.

Member to Member Savings
As a Chamber of Commerce member, you can save with discounts offered exclusively by other members.

Event Management
GMACC offers organization of events, seminars, and meetings for your business.